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Vegetable Hakka Noodles
Indian Street Food, Recipes

Vegetable Hakka Noodles


 Indo-Chinese has earned its place to evolve into a new Chinese Cuisine from the streets of India. When it comes of Chinese food growing up, my brains would think about Hakka Noodles, Manchurian, Paneer Chili and Fried Rice. I will literally always think only these dishes, little did I know […]

Chana Bateta
North Indian Dishes, Recipes

Chana Bateta – Black Chickpeas and Potato Curry – A Family Recipe


 My grandma’s kitchen is inspired with a lot of recipes from East Africa, as she was born and brought up there. When she moved to India after marrying my grandpa, she continued making everyone fall in love with her cooking. She likes her recipes easy, healthy and delicious. Chana Bateta […]

Samosa Puff Pastry Chaat

Puff Pastry Samosa Chaat – Indian Chaat


 Puff Pastry Samosa Chaat came to me because of my love for Indian Chaat. Our eyes light up when we just hear samosas, well for me my heart skips a beat. Samosa by far has been my favorite of them all and then comes veg. puffs. I love the texture […]

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Beetroot Adai Paniyarams


 Paniyarams have always been my most favorite appetizer at any South- Indian Restaurant. I wanted to create a healthier version which is packed with protein and fiber. Ask me why! My very dear hardcore non-vegetarian husband watched The Game Changer Show on Netflix. And it completely messed with his head. […]

Indian Curries, North Indian Dishes, Recipes

Dal Palak – Red Lentils with Spinach


 A quintessential recipe adapted from my mum, dal palak has always been a favorite growing up. Dal palak is made with Red Lentils aka Masoor dal and Split Pigeon Peas aka Tuver dal. In Indian cooking, in a lot of cultures veggies are cooked in lentils. Spinach and lentils has […]

Indian Curries, North Indian Dishes, Recipes

Undhiyu ( Mixed Vegetables Curry- Instant Pot)


 Undhiyu is a popular mixed vegetable curry from Surat, Gujarat. It is a beautiful concoction of fresh herbs, spices and seasonal vegetables. This curry uses all the lush green winter vegetables and is enjoyed with puffed Puris. Every family has a different way of preparing Undhiyu. Today, I am sharing […]

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies
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Chocolate Crinkle Cookies


 Christmas is right around the corner and I am definitely in the mood of baking a lot of cookies. These Chocolate Crinkle cookies are my favorite.The cookies puff up in the oven and crack covered in icing sugar and that’s how they look so incredibly gorgeous. These holiday cookies can […]

Restaurant Style Chana Masala
Indian Curries

Restaurant Style Chana Masala


 A chill crisp evening calls for an amazing delicious piping hot curry from my Indian kitchen. The husband demanded this restaurant style Chana Masala curry I make today. . It is Uber delicious, loaded with gorgeous whole and ground spices, flavored with herbs. This Restaurant Style Chana Masala has a […]

North Indian Dishes, Recipes

Lasaniya Bateta


 I have loved Kathiyavadi cuisine ever since my childhood. This curry is my absolute favorite. Lasaniya Bateta aka curried garlicky potatoes needs just basic ingredients. This curry is super easy and absolutely delicious packed with flavors and so it is loved by all. Lasaniya Bateta is beautifully flavored with garlic […]

Masala Egg Curry
North Indian Dishes, Recipes

Indian Masala Egg Curry


 As I grew up in a strict Gujarati household, eggs were not allowed in the house. My dad used to take us to Raju Omelette, a very famous egg joint in Gujarat, on the weekends. Their masala egg curry aka boiled egg tikka and masala half fry has always been […]