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Roasted Carrots and Rainbow Chard Salad

It fascinates me how perfectly do we see fresh produce available just in time of the right season. As you all know, how scorching the summer sun is getting, I am feeling a little laid back in the kitchen. Don’t you feel the same? The other day I entered Whole Foods and I saw these […]

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Carrot Greens and Sweet Potato Soup

There are lot of myths about consuming carrot greens which upsets me. They are called bunny food and most people tend to throw them away since they are not eaten in their culture. What upsets me the most about food myths is, that some foods are superfoods packed with nutrients to protect your body from […]

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Nachos Veggie Supreme

It is funny how 4 years back I had rarely tasted Mexican delicacies, but an Indian version of it of course. When I moved to the US my hometown Vadodara was in the process of adapting different international cuisines. Coming to the US introduced me to so many world cuisines and I love everything about […]