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Vegan Mango Coconut Delight

I love my mango desserts at any time of the day. I can eat them all day long starting from my breakfast. This is the easy peasy guilt free Vegan Mango Coconut Delight I make every summer. I add chopped mangoes in it and every bite of this becomes a […]


Instant Badam Milk Powder (Indian Styled Spiced Almond Milk Powder)

You will definitely find all kinds of summer delights in my refrigerator this year. Last year I was in India, and the husband filled the refrigerators with store bought summer treats. But, this time I wanted to make sure how it feels to have all the summer treats home-made from […]


Best Aam Panna (Raw Mango and Mint Cooler)

Aam Panna is a Raw Mango and Mint Cooler often made with boiled raw mango pulp, fresh mint leaves, cumin powder, sugar/jaggery, and black salt. Summers weren’t this hot when I first came to California, well I always felt that way because I used to live in San Francisco. Union […]


Organic Cantaloupe and Strawberry Fresh Juice with Sweet Citrus Twist

The sun is soaring during the day and wind roars in the evening. I am certainly confused about what weather am I living in. Although I never get to enjoy those summer days, since the husband feels hot almost all the time, and I don’t know about your home but […]