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Creamy Dal Makhani (Healthy Home Made Creamy Dal Makhani)

The soft aroma of the most beautiful combination of Indian Tadka splashes in my kadai after so long, the smell lures me deep into the feeling of diving into fond memories of taking a bite into Kali Dal from Mirch Masala or on the roadside restaurants in Punjab long back when I was on the […]

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Nachos Veggie Supreme

It is funny how 4 years back I had rarely tasted Mexican delicacies, but an Indian version of it of course. When I moved to the US my hometown Vadodara was in the process of adapting different international cuisines. Coming to the US introduced me to so many world cuisines and I love everything about […]

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Desi Chana (Brown Chickpeas) Salad with Tahini

I have been eating rice almost every single day now. Trust me, I enjoyed my rice lunch every single day, but the only problem is it makes me so sleepy in the afternoon. Luna (my six-month-old golden puppy) and I often tend to enjoy a nap together. Hahaha! funny right? I am glad I get […]

Breakfast Recipes

Refined Sugar-Free Eggless Banana / Banana Chocolate Buckwheat Pancakes

I often get delighted with a twinkle in my eyes when I hear pancakes. Yes, it delights me. The husband orders me breakfast in bed before I wake up whenever we are traveling. He just knows how to make me happy. Pancakes are one of them. I like the standard good old fashioned pancakes topped […]

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Methi Na Gota ( Fenugreek Leaves Fritters)

Methi Na Gota | Famous Gujarati Fritters | Fenugreek Leaves Fritters | Monsoon Food | Masala Chai |

Dessert Recipes

Lemon Poppy Seed Cake

I have always been in love with winters. The cold breeze, the deep blue sky and sometimes the violet sky to admire comes along too if I am lucky. I am missing my Californian Winters this year. I look outside my window and I see bright sunlight or rains pouring. I am kind of a […]

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Spiced Spiral Wheels| Chakali |Chakri

Spiced Spiral Wheels | Chakri | Mint-Cilantro- Methi Chakri | Gujarati Namkeen | Tea-Time Snacks

The Spice Life

Chutney Podi (Spiced Lentil Powder)

South Indian Chutney | Dry Chutney | Spices of India | Spiced Lentil Powder| Chutney Podi|

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Red Berries Custard Tart

The Weekend Delights | BakingwithA | Custard Tart | Red Berries| French Short Bread Pastry Crust| Custard Fruit Bowls|

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Surprise Tropical Fry (Sambharo/Poriyal)

Tropical Eating| Healthy Eating | Sweet and Savoury Taste | Beetroots | Mangoes | Coconut | Poriyal | Sambharo | Fry|