About Me

Amongst a million food blogs, you made your way here is an utmost pleasure for me. And if you are reading this, I am sure you will love to read more about my stories from childhood, current dinner meals, my family and all that I know about food & its fun facts! Hi there, I am Aayushi. This is my happy place to show my love for food & photography, and you are most welcome. My passion for food started when I was very little. I grew up having long chats with my mom in the kitchen while she used to prepare dinners, indeed with our regular conversations, she will tell me some tips and tricks to run the kitchen easily. I grew up to take up a job in the corporate world, which I was not pleased with much. Little did I know, that the little girl who used to spend hours in the kitchen with her mum grew a passion for cooking. I love exploring different cuisines, recipes, kitchen traditions, history about culture and food, whilst I enjoy cooking all traditional home-cooked meals I grew up eating. I love to make simple, quick and healthy scrumptious meals and also enjoy refined sugar-free baking too. Oh and I have a sweet tooth, and so you will see some healthy bakes coming along almost every week which is a big Yaayy!! I am a loving wife to my one and only A (Ajay) and mother to my four-legged baby girl Luna. They are the rockstars of my universe. Stay Tuned! I would love to hear a word from you guys. Drop-in my inbox thewhiskaddict@gmail.com or drop a message on messenger.




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