My name is Aayushi. I am so glad you are here. I am an avid believer in destiny. I live in California with my husband Ajay, my fur baby Luna and we are having our rainbow baby on the way due March 2021.

I have studied Bachelors in Business Administration from Vadodara and a Master of International Business from Hult International Business School, CA-USA. I also have an associate degree in Project Management from Stanford University, CA-USA. Before choosing to become a stay at home wife, I was working as a Business Analyst in Bank of Montreal.

This blog is my creative outlet. Food had become my thing when I chose to become a stay at home wife. I would try new dishes in the kitchen every day, call my mom a hundred times a day to ask her different recipes I grew up eating, and that’s how my one true love for cooking was discovered.

Ajay, my husband, and my sister Riyanshi encouraged me to start blogging. It took them an year to convince me. And now, I am so glad I started this blog. This blog is so special to me, I have built it on my own and I am very proud of it. You will find my most cherished recipes I have inherited from my family, some recipes that I have learnt from my friends and acquaintances, and recipes that I learnt just experimenting with flavors or just trying and testing in the kitchen. You will also find my blogs about my fertility journey here and motherhood in the future when my little one is here.

I absolutely love reading recipe books, seek inspiration for flavors and recipes through these books, magazines, and blogs. I seek inspiration from the littlest things possible. I believe learning never ends, there is always more and the curiosity to learn should never die within us.

I am so happy and glad that you are reading this. Welcome to my beautiful nutshell, that I am in absolute love with. I am very grateful that you are here. I hope you enjoy reading my content, recreating my recipes as much as I enjoy creating content and recipes for you.

You can write to me, at thewhiskaddict@gmail.com. I try to get back to all the emails as soon as possible. I love to hear any feedback, suggestions, or messages from my readers. You can also follow me on Instagram that is linked below.



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